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Posted on June 1, 2022

Supervisor Position
Antler Boost Deer Feed Clayton
Need a daytime supervisor for our feed
bagging operation. Supervisor/Lead
experience preferred. Manufacturing,
military, or farm experience preferred.
Must be able to operate a Bobcat.
Must be comfortable with leading and
managing up to 10 people.
Pay will be agreed upon based on
experience and future pay is based on
production increases.
More production = more pay.
This is the most simple operation you can imagine. Easy work if you are comfortable making people do simple, repetitive jobs
correctly. We have pay methods that meet semi-retired or retired people's

Antler Boost - Deer Nutrition and Attraction Products were put on the market in March 2008 but was the culmination of years of practical research and development by founder Don
Willis. Don wanted to put together a world class deer feed based on real, tangible science like he had done in other professional pursuits. Unfortunately, there was not great research on the subject available at the time so Don had to learn what he could from animal scientists and ruminant nutritionists across the country.
Being persistent, Don finally convinced one
animal scientist to share with him some research that this scientist had done back in the early 90's on protein sources specific to antler development. This research was not formally funded and therefore was never published but it did provide some ground breaking principles that Antler Boost was built upon.